Massage Basics body + face

30 min Customized Massage


60 min Customized Massage


90 min Customized Massage


Head Lift 15 min 

add on $20

(soothing massage of the scalp utilizing peppermint infused oil)

Tension Tamer 15 min

add on $20 

(massage and pressure point work on the face, head, and neck, perfect remedy for tension headaches includes a hot towel treatment and our tension tamer infused oil)

Sinus Bliss 15 min 

add on $20

(pressure point work and massage on all the sinus points of the face. includes a face steam and sinus bliss infused oil.)

Massage Therapies Offered


A softer technique used to provide complete relaxation.


A moderate pressure, which incorporates kneading and stretching.

Deep Tissue

A technique that is used to release muscular tension and knots and provide long lasting results.

Sports Massage

A technique which is great prior or post to any workout or physical activity, incorporating lots of stretching.

Prenatal Massage

A wonderful way to reduce the aches and discomforts of pregnancy, much attention is applied to areas of high tension.